Le Stampe di Alice was founded in 1986 by Romolo Delicati and Stefania Velardinelli based on their love of packaging. Human worth, professionalism, and research and attention to detail are the principles underlying the company’s work ethic.

A team of young professionals shares the pleasures of researching and refining different print and communication techniques within environments that require the highest specialization, from graphic planning to the completion of envelopes, paper, adhesive labels and personalized ribbons.

The pride and joy of our production originates in studies of a company’s coordinated packing line. Each creation is conceived to express the brand’s identity, and is developed with the client’s involvement in each phase of creation.

Today Le Stampe di Alice offers a solid reality from international inspirations and brings valued advice and meticulous attention to the client’s needs, as in the artisan workshops of old.

Thirty years of growth


In 2016, the company celebrated its thirtieth year in business. More than 7000 clients attest to the respect inherent in professional relationships and the quality of the service offered, a strong advantage that emerges from the encounter and the confrontation with reality at every level, from the prestigious multinational corporation to the individual enterprise. Le Stampe di Alice cultivates not only growth as an economic process but above all as a goal to be pursued in the human, social and professional milieus.


1986 – Romolo Delicati began doing business as personalized shoppers supplier;

1998 – The name Le Stampe di Alice was adopted for the first time, broadening its range of services to include the production of personalized ribbons and adhesive labels;

2004 – The new 2000 me. factory opens in Foligno;

2006 – Le Stampe di Alice becomes a registered brand name, affirming the presence of its brand in Italy and abroad;

2009 – The Le Stampe di Alice Store opens for wholesale distribution of neutral packaging material, arts and crafts, and decorations;

2013 – The online shop lestampedialice.store is launched.

2014TakeTape is born, revolutionizing the concept of ribbon as an article destined for multiple uses and customizable in all its forms thanks to the online configurator.

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