Shopping Bags

Attention to detail is what personalizes a shopping bag, something that at first glance tweaks the imagination as to what treasure it might contain.
Every element of a bag plays a basic role in communication; that’s why we actively involve the client in all phases of a project, from initial design to selection of material, to the refinement of the most exclusive finishings and coordinates.
The personalized bag is considered for all phases of its many uses as a lasting, living symbol of the brand’s identity.

Personalized Ribbons

Ribbon is an indispensable element for the realization of the most meaningful expression in packaging: the gift, the reason to celebrate, the detail to embellish. Run your fingers through gossamer organza, super-smooth stain, natural cotton ─it’s a gesture that arouses a genuine thrill that inspires and memorializes the moment.
The brand’s presence is ensured in it every detail with hot printed colors, the stunning embossed effect of silk screening or the shininess of lamina to unmistakably capture the identity and render it a stand-out in the most important moments.

Labels and Stickers

The personalized sticker in its simplicity and immediacy confers brand identity incisively and winningly.
Sticker design includes different fields of application, from the most classic detail that discreetly embellishes packaging to the latest and most daring combinations.
The attentive choice of color, the variety of shapes, and the professional workmanship make it a distinctive element that adds value in perfect harmony with the coordinated image.

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